Medical Education and Hands-on Training

DeftXR is a Virtual Reality based Immersive solution for today’s Medical Education. DeftXR provides Ease of learning and Hands-on Training to medical students, with 24*7 available Virtual Environment.

Real Estate - Apartment Visualization

We created a VR application on Oculus Go for showcasing a 3BHK apartment before it’s even constructed. The client used a Virtual Reality apartment for the launch and skipped building the sample apartment which they were following traditionally.

Tiles Visualization

Lay down virtual tiles of your room’s size, change its shape and textures, compare multiple designs using our Augmented Reality Tiles Visualizer and make your selection easier.

Sales Tool

Sales tool for elevator companies to showcase their products to customers onsite. Customize elevators with various options in real-time and on a to the scale model in Augmented Reality.

Training - Wind Turbine

Have you ever climbed a Wind Turbine? Well, now you can see how it feels to climb an 80m tall Turbine in this immersive training demo in Virtual Reality. This is training at heights but in a safe environment to practice.

Training - BFSI

Banking and Finance is one of the most important yet sometimes confusing aspects of modern life. This VR experience aims to shed some light on one aspect of this behemoth. This experience walks the user through a detailed process of getting a loan against gold collateral while trying to address the most common doubts and insecurities of anyone who would pledge their gold assets to a bank.

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