Once upon a time, in the world of window shopping and frowns, a superhero walked in. He came in strong and changed everything we knew about the world. He went by the name, E-commerce.E-commerce initially began with the world buying things that could not be touched, things with less risk. Like books and music.Gradually, the number of items we could buy online, increased to a large extent.As of today, we buy almost everything online.Look around you. How many of these things did you at least check online before buying?It went from phones and gadgets to buying houses and furniture online.
Something that one day would have seemed impossible, later became an everyday thing. And with Augmented Reality, E-commerce took a huge unseen leap! Here is a bit on how augmented reality is an asset in the process of buying furniture-

1. Try before you buy

With so many things happening online, we were bound to get scared and sceptical. Sometimes things look beautiful and just perfect for you online, but when it reaches you it isn’t even a fit.Gone are the days of measuring each centimetre of your house with a tape that seems against you. Gone are the days of receiving a couch set that doesn’t even go past your door, let alone fit in your living room.Your furniture is what builds your house, just like you build your home. Try your furniture with the paint on your walls and the windows and the doors. See how your space would finally look. Experience your furniture with various combinations of wall paints, windows, doors, and other furnishing materials. Transforming your home is now easy!

2. All in the App

The world is going all out in the direction of customisation.Everything you buy is now truly yours.There were times when we would have to go to ten different places to find that perfect thing we were looking for. But with the recent developments, all your furniture designs are right here.Right on one application. You can browse through as many designs as you want. Check out thousands of permutation combinations. And all of this in the peace of your room. There will be no bustling crowds all jumping onto the bed which you want to buy.The computer vision lets the phone be a measuring tape for all the furniture you need.

3. Saves Everything

And with the ease of access that augmented reality has given in the field of furniture, it has also given a lot more. For one, it saves time. It saves your time as you don’t have to sit in the car and go to the store. You don’t have to spend time talking to people about what you need. Because let’s face it. Once you go furniture shopping, you shop for everything you could ever imagine.You also save the time of the employees and the company. You save space too. Companies who utilise the augmented reality application do not require as many showroom spaces anymore. And invariably due to all this, you also save money. Since it is a one-time investment for the company, they save money on maintenance.

4. More, More, More

Did that word grab your attention? Well, that is exactly what you will be getting. With all the reality of the practical world, there
is not enough space for people to explore more ideas and designs.But in the world of augmented reality, even the sky in not a limit.The company you are buying from has the liberty of creating and showcasing as many designs as it wants. Companies do not have to think about the showroom space for the designs.And as a consumer, this is a huge advantage for you.You get to see way more options here than you would be able to in reality. And we sure are suckers for options, aren’t we?

5. Visualisation

Here is the main point. The point we have all been waiting for. Ease of 3-Dimensional visualization. Have you ever bought a stool online,thinking it will fit in your balcony? And on the day of arrival, there it is, two feet taller than you thought it was.There was an alternative that once existed. It was called 3D Rendering. It created photo realistic renderings of the products. This was a good option, but it did take some time to give results. But then came the real time help. Augmented Reality does exactly this. It makes it easier for you to visualise how the piece of furniture would look like from all the angles. You can place all your furniture. You can walk around it and see it how you would see it if you owned it.

6. In your comfort

And here is what augmented reality is giving to the world. The comfort. The possibility of sitting in your own space and doing all
these strenuous tasks. As the world is changing so much, we are all getting busier. In this busy world, augmented reality and a lot of other technology is allowing you to get all the work done with perfect ease.

And that was all for today! The world of augmented reality is growing bigger with every baby robot step we are taking. And it is only going to grow. The field of furniture is also changing a lot along with it.For all the crazy changes in augmented reality, tune in to our blogs!